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Carbon-Negative Snack's Packaging Is Home Compostable

Carbon-Negative Snack’s Packaging Is Home Compostable

Carbon footprint was crucial to the co-founders of Impact Snacks, who set out to make a positive impact on consumers and on the environment in merging no less than three trends: good-for-you superfood snack bars, sustainably optimized product packaging, and direct-to-consumer delivery. The 100% plant-based products launched last September after ...
Khẩu trang có thể phân hủy sinh học được làm bằng nguyên liệu tự nhiên, giúp bảo vệ môi trường

Create the world’s first natural and compostable mask

The company Bioinicia and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) have launched the Bio Hygienic Mask with EPI-type fit, the world’s first natural compostable nanofiber ... Xem thêm
Warning letter of phishing website!

Warning letter of phishing website!

Dear Partners, Customers! AnEco would like to send our sincere thanks to our customers, partners... for always accompanying and supporting us. In recent times, AnEco ... Xem thêm
Bao bì làm từ bỏng ngô - giải pháp bền vững cho môi trường

Plastic-free packaging made from popcorn

Researchers at Göttingen University have developed a plant-based, environmentally friendly material as an alternative to polystyrene. While using popcorn as a packaging material might sound ... Xem thêm
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