AnEco is the brand for compostable products of An Phat Holdings – a Vietnamese company and a global leader in the field of eco-friendly plastic production.

As a plastics company, An Phat anticipated the importance of investing in the development of environmentally sustainable products. An Phat’s mission to reduce waste through compostable plastic products is central to its long-term environmental, sustainability and growth agenda.

Carrying the mission to change negative consumption habit of consumers of easily accepting toxic plastic products, after years, the AnEco has been introduced as result of great effort of An Phat from doing research and develop to commercializing in both domestic and foreign market with various and diverse models and designs.

Our product range is now wide enough to replace almost single-use plastic items, include bags (shopping bags, food bags, garbage bags), cutlery kits, paper cups, gloves, straws, containers, bowls, plates, etc.

The An Phat’s family of eco-friendly products have received compostable certifications from leading international standard setting organizations, including EU, Australia, the United States, Korea, Japan. Accordingly, our compostable products will completely decompose into water, CO2 and humus within 6-12 months in normal landfill environment or industrial treatment without leaving any microplastics or toxic residue to the environment.

Let’s protect the planet with AnEco!