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An Phat Holdings does not only supplies compostable materials to eco-friendly product manufacturers, but also assists customers and partners in distributing those products to consumers.

As a pioneer enterprise operating in the field of biodegradation in Vietnam, An Phat Holdings is not only a green material trader, but its business ideal goes beyond that. Born with the mission of promoting the green development strategy of businesses and the whole society, and building a sustainable environment for many future generations, An Phat Holdings has been realizing that mission with a clear and thorough roadmap.

An Phat Holdings’s vision is to bring green and eco-friendly solutions to our business and manufacturing partners. We can deliver eco-friendly products to our business partners and green materials to our manufacturing partners so that they can switch from conventional plastics.

Accordingly, An Phat Holdings builds a closed ecosystem for compostable products and at each point in which the role of An Phat Holdings is flexible, shifting from lead to companion and support. The compostable product ecosystem encompasses input materials, the technology and the manufacturing process, and distribution and marketing the finished products to the end consumers.

Providing compostable raw materials

As a member of An Phat Holdings, An Phat Holdings has the source of green materials produced at the Group’s factory located in Korea to supply to manufacturer in Vietnam as well as globally. This is one of about 10 enterprises in the world which possess patents and technologies for the production of compostable materials, with 20 years of development history.

The range of compostable material An Phat Holdings is extensive, serving a wide variety of manufacturing and technology applications, including:

– Biodegradable resin PBAT

Possessing special features such as great tensile and tear strength, suitable for food-contact products such as food bags. Biodegradable resin PBAT of An Phat Holdings has obtained many international certificates including: OK Compost (DIN CERTCO), Reach, SGS Food contact.

– Biodegradable resin PBS:

Having optimal melting index, PBS material can be applied for coating, injection molding and extrusion to produce sheet, film and fiber (fishing net), etc. Biodegradable resin PBS of An Phat Holdings has many international certificates including: OK Compost (DIN CERTCO), Reach, SGS Food contact.

– Biodegradable resin PBST:

With high bio-based percentage and low melting index, PBST is mainly used for film blowing technology to produce shopping bags and films.

Polymer PBST
Biodegradable resin PBST

– Bio-compound:

Bio-compound takes many advantages of high impact resistance, durability and flexibility as well as ability to be used for diversified finished products such as mulch film, shopping bag, single-use gloves, 3D printing filament, etc.An Phat Holdings’s bio-compound has obtained many international certifications including: OK Compost (DIN CERTCO), REACH, BPI Compostable, SGS Food contact.

In 2021, An Phat Holdings will start the construction of a compostable material factory in Vietnam, with the design capacity of up to 30,000 tons/year. When the factory comes into operation in late 2022, An Phat Holdings will have an abundant supply of raw materials to supply manufacturers around the world.

With a team of experienced, professional and dedicated experts, An Phat Holdings has affirmed a certain position and became a reputable supplier in the field of biodegradation. We accompany businesses right from the step of building business strategies towards “Go Green” and supporting them to develop their own implementation solutions. Therefore, it can be said that with An Phat Holdings, each customer is a trusted and reliable partner.

Technology consulting and supporting for the production of compostable products

Although they can be applied directly on the machinery system of conventional plastic products, the compostable materials still require different and more stringent production standards and processes. It will take a lot of time and resources of conventional plastic manufacturer to self-adjust machines, train people to operate smoothly and successfully the production chain to produce products with this advanced material.

AnBio tư vấn công nghệ và hỗ trợ sản xuất sản phẩm sinh học phân hủy hoàn toàn
An Phat Holdings provides technology consulting and support for the production of compostable products

With that in mind, An Phat Holdings has a team of practical experts and engineers who are always ready to advise on technology, on-site training and production support for manufacturing partners. Businesses cooperating with An Phat Holdings must be reputable manufacturers with modern machinery, experienced in production, able to meet the requirements of customers in both quality and quantity.

Distributing and commercializing compostable products

Besides material supply and technical support, An Phat Holdings will also play the role of connecting customers with finished product manufacturers. Customers here can be businesses wishing to use compostable products such as chains of restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, retailers, etc. or end-users (through supermarket chains and convenience stores).

Accordingly, An Phat Holdings will assist customers to work directly with the processing plants from the first stages of selecting and checking raw materials to strict quality controlling throughout the production process to ensure products to reach customers with the highest quality. This will help customers to simplify working steps and optimize operating costs.

AnBio hỗ trợ phân phối sản phẩm sinh học phân hủy hoàn toàn tại các chuỗi siêu thị
An Phat Holdings supports the distribution of compostable products in supermarket chains

Currently, we are cooperating with a number of partners to produce and process food wrap, shrink film, agricultural film. An Phat Holdings will constantly expand and develop new lines of compostable products to provide customers with more green choices …

Currently, many regions and countries have issued policies to limit disposable plastic products to protect the environment such as Europe, America, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam … The consumption market of compostable products are, therefore, very big and growing. An Phat Holdings is committed to accompanying all business and manufacturing partners who share the mission of protecting the environment and have a common strategic direction for green development.

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