New generation of biobased polyesters for durable products

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To enable the introduction of biobased polyesters into the high-performance applications sector, such as automotive and electronics, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research is developing a new generation of biobased polymers using the isoidide molecule.

Biobased products are gradually claiming their share in everyday products like packaging already, and now we want to develop polymers for the high-performance market as well.
Using Archer Daniels Midland’s rigid starch-based molecule called isoide, we are developing a new generation of polymer materials that can be used not only in BPA(Bisphenol A)-free packaging but also in engineering applications such as automotive and electronics.

Researching together with industrial partners

These Biobased, yet strong and thermally resistant materials, show great versatility, which will be demonstrated by project partners of Wageningen Food & Biobased Research: Refresco is interested to explore the potential of HIPPSTAR materials for bottles, Beckers will use them as metal coatings, while HollandColours will use them in their colorants formulations. Working together with important industrial partners is the best way to develop polymers that meet the requirements and standards of the market.

Sustainability in the high-performance applications sector

Using agricultural side streams and surpluses of biomass production, instead of depleting and polluting fossil-feedstocks while enjoying the extraordinary quality of modern products is the optimal sustainable solution to contribute to the balance of nature and humans coexistence. Using Biobased polymers in durable products contributes to the circular Biobased economy by reducing CO2 footprint of the materials.


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