Novolex launches new production line for compostable cups

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Packaging supplier Novolex has announced that it has launched a new production line in Tennessee, USA to manufacture compostable cold beverage cups made from the plant-based bioplastic, PLA.

The clear PLA-based cups will be available from Novolex brand Eco-Products, a leading provider of foodservice packaging made from renewable and recycled resources.

“PLA looks, acts and performs like a traditional clear plastic, yet it is 100% compostable in commercial compost facilities,” said Adrianne Tipton, Chief Technology Officer of Novolex. “It is one more sustainable choice that we are proud to offer our customers.

“At Novolex, we’re focused on a future where the packaging we make is recyclable or compostable,” Tipton added.

The new manufacturing line, located at the Novolex manufacturing complex in Chattanooga, features state-of-the-art technology from some of the world’s leading thermoforming and extrusion equipment suppliers.

The environmental benefits of PLA products are twofold. First, they are made from renewable resources like corn that can be grown again and again. Second, PLA products are third-party BPI-certified compostable, meaning that instead of going to a landfill, the products can be turned into fertile soil.

“We’re creating cups made from plants that, after using, can be composted to help plants grow again,” said Ian Jacobson, President of Eco-Products. “It’s part of our commitment to work with our customers to achieve their Zero Waste goal, a win for both our customers and the environment.”


Source: Bioplastics Magazine

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