AnEco joined the program for a green – clean – beautiful environment in Hai Duong

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In the early of 2019, a series of activities for a green – clean – beautiful environment were successfully launched by AnEco, a brand of An Phat Holdings in combination with Hai Duong University. It aimed to propagandize and call for the local persons to minimize plastic bags and alternate them with more healthy and environmentaly friendly products.

The group of students paraded across the major streets in Hai Duong province

Starting the a series of activities, a “Green Planet Rescue Team”, including over 100 students from Hai Duong University joined a parade across the province major streets, such as Le Thanh Nghi, Thong Nhat and Tran Hung Dao to encourage the local people, especially individual shop owners in Cho Lon, Tan Kim market, and Thanh Binh market to change by taking simple actions such as stop using plastic bags, sorting waste at source or using eco-friendly products for daily activities.

Remarkably, the students also introduced about AnEco compostable bags as an alternative to conventional plastic bags. The products gained lots of attention from local residents thanks to its outstanding features and composition.

Individual shop owners show great interest in AnEco compostable bags

In order to strengthen the interaction and education for the young generation about a “green” future, a contest named “Mission: Green Planet Rescue” was held and participated by students from Hai Duong University. Seven art performance shows were performed in the contest, all of which were definitely impressive and meaningful, reflecting real considerable pollution issues in connection with plastic waste in our lives. Effective solutions were also introduced to reduce the environmental pollution.

Each art performance was embodied with a story or real life situation and developed humorously, just like the nature of students. Such shows illustrated the multi-dimensional perspectives of the youth on environmental issues, through which solutions to and recommendations on pollution incidents and environmental protection methods were proactively proposed. An outstanding initiative that must be mentioned is a complete alternative to plastic bags. Thanks to the fact that AnEco bags are made of plasticized corn starch without any microplastics, they can be readily decomposed within six months to a year in landfill conditions. In the contrary, conventional plastic bags took around 500 to 1000 years to decompose and microplastics were still created afterwards, which was definitely a direct danger to humans and living creatures.

” Nowadays, the habit of using plastic bags is absolutely popular in daily life, plastic bags can be found everywhere, from storing the shopping goods to home-based foodstuffs ,and subsequently they are discarded in public areas at ease. Such habit will adversely affect humans’ living environment and health if plastic waste is not well managed. In An Phat Holdings, our research and development team has been and will continue to research and release eco-friendly and safe compostable products for all of us,” shared by Ms. Nguyen Le Hang, Deputy General Director of An Phat Holdings.

This was also the greatest target and commitment of An Phat Holdings in reducing plastic waste in all of our production and business activities. Along with sustainable growth, enthusiastic contribution must be made to the social sustainable development and further environmental protection.

Ms. Tran Thi Thoan – Standing Deputy General Director of An Phat Bioplastics Joint Stock Company awarded the best performers in the contest

Gifts were offered to “5-Good Students by AnEco”

With such meaningful stories and practical actions, the roles and responsibilities of youth and enterprises in protecting our living environment were successfully affirmed by Hai Duong University students and An Phat Holdings. Hopefully, more and more innovations and production technologies would be practically applied in the future to improve environmental conditions and develop a better life.

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