All the ’Green’ standards of AnEco environmentally friendly products

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Implementing the green development strategy, An Phat Holdings and AnEco always focus on building green factories and industrial parks, and actively invest in research and development of safe and green products, specifically compostable products that is very popular in the market. In addition, APH is also one of the outstanding enterprises in environmental protection with many social activities.

Green ingredients

AnEco products are made from AnBio compostable materials which are derived from renewable sources such as corn starch, cassava,… ensuring safety for health and friendly with the environment.

The raw materials used in the production of AnEco products also have the ability to decompose completely and obtains European or American certificates. Besides, the raw materials used to manufacture food contact products such as knives, spoons, forks, straws … are also certified for food safety according to EU and FDA standards.

Nguyên liệu sinh học phân hủy hoàn toàn AnBio
AnBio compostable materials

Green products

AnEco products are made from Anbio compostable materials that are capable of completely decomposing into humus, CO2 and water in 6-12 months under industrial incubation or home burial condition

AnEco has obtained many international certifications for its ability to decompose such as: OK Compost HOME, OK Compost INDUSTRIAL … Therefore, AnEco is currently the optimal solution for consumers when choosing products that are both environmentally friendly and safe for health.

AnEco products are environmentally friendly and save for health

Green manufacturing plant

Environment-friendly criteria are always one of AnEco’s top priority. All manufacturing plants have the most optimal waste treatment technology, closed production process to take the fullest advantage of raw material, do not cause harm to the environment and meet the national and international standards and regulations.

The standards for manufacturing plants can be mentioned as: ISO 14000 on environmental friendliness, ISO 22000 on food hygiene and safety, ISO 9001 on quality management…

Nhà máy chuẩn xanh của Tập đoàn An Phát Holdings
Green factories of An Phat Holdings

In addition, An Phat Holdings and AnEco Group are always work side-by-side with government authorities, organizations and businesses such as joining the plastic waste prevention campaign, working side by side with many provinces to implement programs to say no to disposable plastic products, join hands in green transformation at large hotels, restaurants and supermarkets, or joining contests for young Vietnamese to find creative solutions to reduce plastic waste… AnEco is now joining hand with the community and putting effort to protect the green planet.

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