Compostable Plastic Products – The Perfect Replacement For Single-use Plastics

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Nowadays, disposable plastic has become familiar in everyday life because of its usability. However, the downside of such convenience is the potential risk, not only threatening the environment and ecosystems but also directly affecting human health. Therefore, using eco-friendly products has become an emerging trend globally while compostable products could be the perfect replacement for single-use plastics. 

Single-use plastics and potential risks 

Plastic is considered as one of the most significant discovery of mankind in the 20th century. The birth of this artificial material is seen as a good conversion from expensive materials. The usability of plastic has completely changed every aspect of life. With the advantages of durable, convenient, low cost and easy to carry, plastic can be easily found in offices, supermarkets, markets, restaurants, rice shops, cafes, shops and in the households. It is undeniable that the appearance of disposable plastic products makes life easier. Gradually, using plastic bags and plastic products is becoming a habit that is difficult to break in daily life. 

Single-use plastics is popular in daily life

However, overuse of single-use plastic items in life pose a direct threat to the environment and human health. 

According to statistics of the Vietnam Plastics Association, the average plastic consumption per capita in 2019 was 41 kg, 10 times higher than the consumption of a person in 1990. This alarming figure is causing difficulties in the government’s waste sorting and disposal process. Indiscriminate dumping of plastic waste becomes a burden to the environment and endangers living organisms as well as the environment. 

Product made by plastic need from 500 to 1000 years to decompose in natural conditions if not affected by sunlight. The decomposition of plastic in the environment causes them to disintegrate into microplastics and, in many ways, returns to the human body. 

Each person takes in an average of 50,000 microplastics a year

A new study suggest that each person takes in an average of 50,000 microplastics every year. When using plastic bags to store food, the additives in the plastic bags can contaminate food, affecting human health. In addition, when disposing of plastic bags containing harmful bacteria, it may also spread diseases in the community.  

Compostable plastic products are the perfect replacement 

Facing the problem of how to reduce the amount of plastic waste and its impact on the environment, many businesses in Vietnam have participated in research and production of environmentally friendly products to replace single-use plastics. There are many “green” and “biodegradable” plastic products on the market, but not all products actually meet the standards of compostable and leaving no harmful factor to the environment during decomposition. 

Currently, consumers are not only concerned about the use but also focus on the safety and eco-friendly of the product. Therefore, compostable, 100% eco-friendly products are increasingly popular. 

At big supermarkets, consumers are trusting and buying products from AnEco – a brand of An Phat Holdings. As the only enterprise that holding the patent for manufacturing compostable materials and products in Vietnam, An Phat Holdings offers consumers a variety of compostable products such as bags (food storage bag, shopping bags, garbage bags), knives, spoons, forks, gloves, bio paper cups that can be replace for single-use plastic products.  

AnEco products meet strict international standards for safety and compatibility

These products are made from AnBio compostable materials, capable of completely decomposing into humus, CO2 and water in 6 -12 months under industrial and home burial conditions. AnEco has achieved many international certifications for complete compatibility such as: OK Compost HOME, OK Compost INDUSTRIAL … Therefore, AnEco is currently the optimal solution for consumers to give credence to choose when it is both environmentally friendly and safe for health. 

Consumers place their confidence in AnEco products

In its endeavor to research and produce eco-friendly products, AnEco hopes to change the habit of using poor quality plastic products, thereby raising awareness of waste reduction and using alternative solutions to protect human habitats. Choosing environmentally friendly products today is to contribute to positive change, minimize the burden on the environment and minimize risks for our life in the future. 

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