Lesson from big brand that are going green and making huge differences

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Motivation to move towards green and sustainable growth not only becomes a part of the social responsibility of many companies, but it is also a factor that helps the company adapt to the business environment in the future.

For decades, disposable plastic has gained worldwide popularity due to its ease of use and low cost. However, the overuse of disposable plastic has put many countries at alarm due to plastic waste pollution

Today, if the environment issue is central to the sustainable development of many countries, business is the spearhead that taking the lead of changing consumer behavior through green initiatives in manufacturing, products and services. The driving force for green development not only comes from social responsibility, but also a factor that helps businesses improve their competitiveness.

Lessons on green transformation from multinational corporations

In the F&B industry, McDonald is one of the world’s largest fast food retailers that are leading green transformation trend by practicing energy efficiency, thereby cutting energy consumption by 25% in their business operations. McDonald’s also set up ‘green’ parking lots for hybrid vehicles.

Similarly, Coca-Cola – the giant in the beverage business – also announced a plan to focus on regenerating the entire product packaging life cycle – from design and manufacturing to recycling solutions, energy saving.

Starbucks is known worldwide as one of the successful coffee chains, and is also on the list of companies leading the green transformation trend by recycling coffee grounds or using environmentally friendly bags.

In the manufacturing industry, Honda has taken various measures to fulfill its environmental responsibilities as an automobile manufacturing company. The company has invested a lot of resources in the production of fuel-efficient vehicles and is constantly looking to develop hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Or Dell, the leading manufacturer of computer, also offers a program of safe disposal and efficient recycling. Accordingly, Dell allows customers to return any Dell-branded device to the company free of charge to encourage safe disposal and reduce the total amount of improperly disposed electronic waste. The company even agreed to accept computers, printers and monitors from other brands for safe disposal.

It is undeniable that green transformation has helped businesses shape their sustainable development strategy, which is development associated with environmental protection. Building a green brand and fulfil social responsibility also increase the business’ competitiveness.

Going Green” for Vietnamese business

“Go Green” or “green transformation” is an inevitable global trend. In Vietnam, many businesses have grasped the trend and ‘greening up’ by using renewable energy, building green industrial parks, and fulfil environmental protection commitments, especially when consumers have begun to choose or buy products from green brands.

According to report, eco-friendly products are forecast to account for 20-30% of total plastic products worldwide in the next 3-5 years. Countries around the world have issued many policies to promote green consumption trends, especially Europe and the United States. In Vietnam, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the G20 Conference on June 29, 2019 also made public that by 2025, Vietnam aim to end the use of disposable plastic products. This also shows the green direction that the Government is oriented.

Some Vietnamese businesses in the F&B sector are bringing green transformation into their operating models, such as Vinamilk, The Coffee House, Highlands Coffee.

In Vietnam, An Phat Holdings is the first Vietnamese company successfully produce green products branded AnEco that meet stringent international standards. AnEco is a brand of compostable products, including products such as bags, knives, forks, forks, paper cups, straws, gloves… that manufactured on modern and high-tech production lines.

AnEco products are made from AnBio compostable materials and able to decompose within 6 – 12 months in home or industrial burial condition without leaving microplastic.

Over the years, AnEco has been working side by side many Vietnamese businesses to go green. Eco-friendly products AnEco has been trusted by many businesses such as straws, bags with handles, trash bags… and received many positive feedbacks from customers.

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