Vietnamese enterprises working together for green transformation, promoting the use of compostable bags

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“Green transformation” – The pilot program of green distribution and the use of AnEco compostable bags takes place at BRGMart supermarket (174 Lac Long Quan, Hanoi) with the companionship of An Phat Holdings together with Vietnamese enterprises join hands to reduce the use of single-use and non-biodegradable plastic bags, contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting the environment and green growth in Vietnam.

Hanoi, September 18, 2020 – Today, “Green transformation” – The pilot program of green distribution and the use of AnEco compostable bags has been kick-started at BRGMart supermarket (Lac Long Quan, Ha Noi). Thousands of 100% eco-friendly bags have been given away for free to customers who shop at supermarkets.

This activity is within the framework of the National Program on climate change and green growth, the Vietnam National Action Plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production in accordance with Decision 889 / QD-TTg dated June 24, 2020 and in response to the Prime Minister’s Directive 33 / CT-TTg dated August 20, 2020, on strengthening management, recycling, treatment, and reduction of plastic waste. The program is presided over by the Sustainable Consumption and Production Office (under Ministry of Industry and Trade) and coordinated with the implementing units of An Phat Holdings (owning AnEco brand), BRG Retail Company Limited (owning BRGMart supermarkets), and consulting units are Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre Company Limited (VNCPC) and Marketing and Branding Center – National Economics University (Hanoi).

The implementation of this activity, with the active participation of all parties, especially the pioneers of the implementation, BRGMart 174 Lac Long Quan and An Phat Holdings aim to reduce the use of plastic bags in supermarkets, contributing to promoting the production and consumption of environmentally friendly packaging products, thereby contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting the environment and promoting green growth.

The program takes place from September 18, 2020 to October 4, 2020 with 2 main activities:

  • From September 18-20, 2020: Free trial of AnEco compostable bags for customers completely biodegradable AnEco bags when shopping at BRGMart 174 Lac Long Quan supermarket.
  • From September 21 to October 4, 2020: With only VND 1,000, consumers have an AnEco compostable bag to use instead of conventional plastic bags, contributing to reducing plastic waste and protecting the environment.

On the first day of the event, nearly 1,000 customers had the chance to experience AnEco compostable bag. Most of the customers at the supermarket highly appreciated and willing to use AnEco bags to replace plastic bags with environmentally friendly products.

With this program, The Ministry of Industry and Trade, AnEco, the BRGMart supermarket, and co-organizers calling consumers to take action to reduce plastic bag waste a green living environment.

AnEco compostable bags of An Phat Holdings meet strict international standards for quality and safety such as: Austria’s OK Compost HOME (the highest standard certifying products’ ability of decomposed under the burial conditions at home), DIN CERTCO of Germany (for the production of compostable materials).

After the pilot program at BRGMart supermarket at Lac Long Quan, An Phat Holdings and AnEco have planned to carry out another pilot program of using compostable bags at supermarkets and shopping centers across the country.

AnEco is a brand of compostable products, including products such as bags, knives, forks, forks, paper cups, straws, gloves … manufactured on modern production lines of An Phat Holdings.

AnEco products are made from AnBio compostable materials, which can decompose completely within 6 months – 12 months at home or industrial burial condition. In particular, the product does not leave microplastics, does not cause environmental pollution.

AnEco products are also undergone strict inspection and are awarded many of the world’s leading certifications such as: OK Compost HOME and OK Compost INDUSTRIAL of TUV Austria, in addition to BPI Compostable certificate of the United States, certificate DIN CERTCO, and Biobased 50 – 85% of Germany.


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