Which “Giant” In F&B Industry In Vietnam Are Leading Emerging Green Consumption Trend?

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The rapid development of the economy, society, and services are causing thorny issues relating to plastic waste. Aware of environmental status and social responsibility, many big names in Vietnam’s Food and Beverage industry are making active and positive change in the emerging green consumption trend. 

F&B is an industry that uses large quantities of plastic packaging and disposable plastic items such as straws, spoons, forks … The rapid development of food service and delivery is responsible for increasing plastic waste, causing more negative environmental effects. Consumers today are not only strict with the quality of the service but also concerned about the environmental friendliness of the product. Understanding this, many enterprises in Vietnam has spearheaded “green” campaign and receiving positive responses from customer. Let’s take a look at typical Vietnamese businesses that are at the forefront of the green wave.

The Coffee House with “Go Green” campaign

As one of the most popular and favourable coffee shop in Vietnam for young people, The Coffee House certainly cannot miss out on the trend of being environmentally friendly. Starting from September 2019, this coffee chain has replaced all plastic straws with completely compostable straws which made from corn-starch based materials throughout its system. In addition, The Coffee House makes a convenient way for straws arrangement to help customers proactively use the product, raising the awareness and responsibility of young people toward environmental protection.

By doing this, The Coffee House expects to cut 80% of plastic products by the end of 2020 and replace them with compostable straws as well as encouraging customers to use environmentally friendly products such as canvas bags, stainless steel cups and reusable cups.

In recent times, Highlands Coffee which is popularly known as ‘the giant’ in coffee shop chains in Vietnam has also taken drastic steps to reduce plastic in its operation. Also, Highlands Coffee has been making constant efforts to gradually reduce plastic waste throughout its coffee chain.

In addition to the “Green Arms” campaign to reduce single-use plastic product and switching to stainless steel spoon at the store, Highlands Coffee also uses compostable plastic bags which made from corn starch for take-away drinks and delivery order. This is the result of Highlands Coffee and AnEco after joining hands to reduce plastic waste and having sustainable development in the future.

Highlands Coffee’s transformation has been receiving positive feedback from the customer. Highlands Coffee’s representative said that they have been and will continue to listen to the customer as well as acknowledging positive contributions from customers to take more practical actions in the future.

Vinamilk pioneer in using compostable plastic bags

Vinamilk has been well-known as an energetic and persistent enterprise in environmental protection activities across the country. Since the beginning of 2020, Vinamilk started using compostable plastic bags and reusable bags to replace plastic bags throughout its retail system. The compostable plastic bags Vinamilk is using now provided by AnEco, the eco-friendly product is made from corn-starch based material which can completely decompose in 6-12 months into humus, CO2 and water.

By pioneering the application of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, Vinamilk has been making positive impacts on consumers as well as the business community in order to reduce the burden of single-use plastic waste in Vietnam and around the world.

In a long way, the green consumption trend is expected to continue to receive enormous attention and from thể, it can radiates out through the community. Besides cooperating with big names such as The Coffee House, Highlands Coffee or Vinamilk, AnEco is now a strategic partner, cooperating and providing compostable products for many other businesses in Vietnam such as: Vinpeal Resort, Starbucks, Farmer ‘Market, Bao Son General Hospital … AnEco looks forward to cooperating with businesses that have been and will act for the environment with the desire to create practical and sustainable values in the future.

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