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17 million Vietnamese brand products have been sold on Amazon in just the past year, including brands favored by Americans, notably Aneco. 

At the 2023 Cross-Border E-commerce Conference themed “Steadfast Growth” organized by Amazon Global Selling in Vietnam recently, Mr. Eric Broussard – Vice President, International Marketplaces and Retail, gave a long report on market potential and opportunities for Vietnamese brands. 

Mr. Eric Broussard - Vice President, International Marketplaces and Retail
Mr. Eric Broussard – Vice President, International Marketplaces and Retail

“Our Vietnamese sellers have recently sold more than 17 million products on Amazon Global Selling,” Mr. Eric Broussard revealed figures for 2023. On average, each month there are 1.4 million Vietnamese brand products are sold on the world’s largest e-commerce platform and Amazon’s boss also personally mentioned the prominent Vietnamese brand Aneco. 

“This product is very successful in the US. This is a great product, designed and manufactured in Vietnam. Customers looked up the product at 8 pm and saw that we are fully committed to delivery free at 11:00 a.m. the next day, regardless of whether the customer is in any state in the US. That is the power of Vietnamese brands which bring to any customer globally,” Mr. Eric Broussard expressed excitement when talking about Aneco products. 

Aneco is a brand belonging to the ecosystem of An Phat Holdings – one of the leading giants in the plastic industry in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, owning the largest green material factory in Southeast Asia. 

Aneco products are sold on the Amazon e-commerce platform
Aneco products are sold on the Amazon e-commerce platform

Mr. Nguyen Le Thang Long – Deputy CEO of An Phat Holdings Group shared how this brand found its way to sell on Amazon. A specific business strategy has also been implemented. 

At first, the Aneco brand focused on testing 3 different product lines to find the most suitable product on the floor. 

– Popular product: Small compostable trash bags 

This type of product has been sold a lot on Amazon, has a large “piece of cake” and is expected to continue to grow. At that time, similar products mainly came from China. With a belief in Made in Vietnam products, the team is confident in their sales ability. 

– Unprecedented product: Compostable tablecloth 

The Aneco team found out that most of the tablecloths being sold on Amazon are traditional brands, and no one has made compostable plastic. 

– Product in development stage: Large compostable trash bags 

Technically, this product is more difficult to produce because compostable bag products are often softer and easier to break than regular plastic products. The Aneco team researches and reads comments that consumers “criticize” other brands to find ways to improve, thereby offering better products. 

According to the Deputy CEO of An Phat Holdings, compostable tablecloths, and large trash bags are currently the two most successful products of Aneco on Amazon. In the past 3 years, Aneco tablecloths have always been in the Top 1 of this product line on Amazon, thanks to its pioneering. Large trash bag products also maintain the Top 2 position in the market. 

“In Amazon, there is a ready market so we can experiment. When you find that the product is not suitable, it must be changed immediately. Keep track of information and data daily and monthly. Focus on reading customer reviews about your products and those of your competitors, then adjust to meet customer needs. The American market is very fair and straightforward, if they are not satisfied they will say it immediately. The more difficult a market is, the faster our brand will mature. When we can do that, we will have continuous growth,” An Phat Holdings representative said. 

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