An Phat Holdings accelerates world-class green material facility

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An Phat Holdings, a leading environmentally friendly plastic group in Vietnam with a closed business ecosystem, has just received the investment certificate for its PBAT manufacturing mega-project, An Phat PBAT. Simultaneously, the group has announced a contract with Technip Energies, a world-leading engineering and technology player, for the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) bidding package of the plant and that its patents on green material creation have been granted intellectual property rights.

According to the latest update on the An Phat PBAT material manufacturing plant, the Group (APH) has signed the FEED services contract with Technip Energies.

Along with this, the world-leading contractor would take on the Front End Engineering Design of APH’s leading green material facility. The FEED services package will be handled by a subsidiary of Technip Energies in Southeast Asia, Technip Engineering Thailand, with support from Technip Zimmber GmbH based in Germany and is slated for completion in the fourth quarter of 2021.

This is the first time Technip Energies teams up with a business in green material production in Vietnam. In the past, the group reaped success at a string of sizable key projects across Vietnam like the Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical Plant complex in Quang Ngai province’s Dung Quat Economic Zone, the Nghi Son petroleum complex in Thanh Hoa province, the Long Son petrochemical complex and Phu My fertilizer plant in Vung Tau city, and more.

“By choosing a well-known design partner, APH wants to bring An Phat PBAT on par with the world’s leading green material manufacturing plants,” said Dinh Xuan Cuong, Vice chairman and CEO of An Phat Holdings. “Through big investment into technology, materials, and human resources, we want to prove that not only developed nations can have a strong green material supply chain.”

Nguyên liệu sinh học phân huỷ hoàn toàn của nhà máy PBAT An Phát sẽ được xuất khẩu và phục vụ nhu cầu sản xuất, thương mại của An Phát Holdings
Green materials of An Phat PBAT will be exported and support its production and commercial needs

The strategic co-operation between An Phat Holdings and Technip Energies attests to the former’s ambitions to construct a green material manufacturing mega-plant empowered by cutting-edge technology and production lines.

In addition to shaking hands with a global technology player, An Phat Holdings have also made strides to facilitate the project. Particularly, APH has fostered research, striving to seize core technology on green material production. Last month, APH registered its PBAT and PBS green material patients for intellectual property protection, becoming the sole company in possession of these production technologies in Vietnam.

Significantly, with support from Technip Energies, APH’s PBAT and PBS materials achieved excellent results at the testing line of Technip Zimmer GmbH (Germany), proving to be of equal quality with materials provided by leaders in the global materials industry such as BASF and Novamont.

Another huge leap forward is that after the completion of necessary procedures, APH has received the investment certificate of its An Phat PBAT mega-project at Dinh Vu Industrial Park from the Haiphong IP Management Authority. With an annual capacity of 30,000 tonnes, the mega-plant is slated to kick off construction late this year and will come on stream in early 2024 after 24 months of construction.

Despite adverse impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, APH is working to accelerate the pace of its An Phat PBAT mega-project. Empowered by state-of-the art technology, the plant aims to churn out world-class items reaching the highest quality standards. Once the PBAT manufacturing plant comes online, Vietnam will officially become part of the global green material supply chain.

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