An Phat Holdings attend the 2022 International Bioplastics Conference in Korea

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From September 14-15, An Phat Holdings attended the 2022 International Bioplastics Conference in Incheon, Korea. The event is organized by The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE), Korea Institute of Advancement of Technology (KIAT), and Incheon Metropolitan City, with the participation of more than 500 experts from the leading countries for biodegradable plastics including the United States, the European Union, Japan, and China; with Korean and international enterprises.

With the theme “Plastics, Circle Back to Nature”, the 2022 International Bioplastics Conference aims to develop and commercialize sustainable and biodegradable plastic alternatives to achieve a plastic-free and circular economy.

Within the framework of the event, a session led by experts took place with the topic “UN Environment Assembly, EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, International Biodegradable plastic trends and government regulations, Bioplastic Assessment and Certification trends, bioplastic raw materials and product research and development, and commercialization cases”. Korean and international experts will together share about the industry trends and technological level of biodegradable plastics, and look for future industry development directions.

From the perspective of one of the leading corporations in Southeast Asia in the field of high-tech and environmentally-friendly plastic, Mr Nguyen Le Thang Long, Deputy CEO of An Phat Holdings, presented a presentation on current trends and regulations on biodegradable plastics in Vietnam.

Mr Nguyen Le Thang Long, An Phat Holdings’ Deputy CEO presented at the conference

“Along with the development trend of the world plastic industry, the research on biodegradable plastic is currently the concern of plastic enterprises in Vietnam. It is expected that by 2025, Vietnam’s total demand for biodegradable plastics will be about 80,000 tons. Thus, the potential for development for biodegradable plastic is significant.” Mr Nguyen Le Thang Long shared.

Proud to be a pioneer in successfully manufacturing compostable materials and products, An Phat Holdings will accompany the Government of Vietnam in the journey to realize the UN’s commitment to climate change at COP 26, which aims to bring net-zero emissions, while taking advantage of 20 years of exporters, An Phat Holdings will bring made-in-Vietnam green products to the world.

On the sideline of the conference, an exhibition of technology and bioplastic products also took place on the same day. A representative of An Phat Holdings, AnKor Bioplastics company introduced new technologies and AnEco compostable products to visitors.

AnKor Bioplastics – representative of An Phat Holdings introduced green products to visitors

As a subsidiary of An Phat Holdings, AnKor Bioplastics is responsible for manufacturing and developing 100% compostable products. It’s also An Phat Holdings Research and Development centre in the field of environmentally friendly materials and products.

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