Coles Group to launch SECOS MyEcoBag

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Coles Group will be launching MyEcoBag™ compostable bag products by SECOS in 770 retail stores across Australia. 

The selection by Coles follows a recent range review involving SECOS’ compostable products and is on the back of significant sales growth year on year for MyEcoBag™ in Woolworths stores. 

SECOS Group develops and manufactures sustainable packaging materials, supplying its proprietary biodegradable and compostable resins, packaging products and high-quality cast films to a blue-chip global customer base. 

For Coles, SECOS will launch a new shelf-ready presentation pack of the well-received 36L pack and a new 27L pack. Both packs are ideal for kitchen food and garden waste diversion to green bins FOGO programs, providing a fully compostable solution. 

In Australia, the wider availability of SECOS’ compostable bags via Coles stores will give more households participating in approved council food organic waste programs the option to dispose of the bags and food waste in their green waste bin. 

The use of SECOS’ compostable bags offers households a clean and convenient way to assist with the separation of their food waste which is critical to ensure food does not end up in landfills. 

Coles has added the two MyEcoBag™ SKUs on a non-trial basis, which will be distributed nationally. The ongoing supply of the two MyEcoBag™ SKUs will be subject to meeting sales projections as part of the annual range review. 

The significant growth in MyEcoBag™ sales in Woolworths and now Coles will take the MyEco™ branded products to over 2,000 retail stores in Australia. This store footprint plus SECOS’ Australian-wide distribution network, which supplies a select range of independent stores gives the company a significant retail reach. 

SECOS has said it continues to develop further opportunities for growth in new markets for its branded MyEcoBag™ and MyEcoPet™ line of products and is working to garner market share in grocery and convenience stores in Australia, the USA, Latin America, and elsewhere. 

The increased sales of the MyEco™ range in Australia is supported by SECOS’ recent manufacturing capacity expansion in the group’s new Malaysian biopolymer plant which commenced production in the March 2022 quarter with capacity to support annual sales of $25 million. 

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