EPMA sponsors eco-friendly products for Green SEA Games

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The Vietnam Eco-Friendly Products Manufacturer Association (EPMA) will be sponsoring eco-friendly straws and bags for the Green SEA Games campaign at the ongoing SEA Games 31 in Vietnam.

The GREEN SEA Games campaign (SEA Games 31) implemented by the Center for Communication of Natural Resources and Environment (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) in collaboration with Vietnam Sports Administration and SEA Games 31’s Organizing Committee is continuing to spread positive messages while attracting support and interest from the domestic and international community. The Vietnam Eco-Friendly Products Manufacturer Association (EPMA) recently announced that it will sponsor eco-friendly straws and bags for the campaign. These products are manufactured by An Phat Holdings – an active member of EPMA. The Group has many years of experience and prestige in the market in manufacturing and providing optimal products and solutions that are environmentally friendly.

With the message “Choose Green, Reduce Plastic”, SEA Games 31 will limit and reduce the use of single-use plastic, non-biodegradable plastic bags in meetings, training areas, accommodation areas for athletes, delegates and in other activities at SEA Games 31. The Center for Communication of Natural Resources and Environment (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) proposes and provides solutions and environmentally friendly products as alternatives during SEA Games 31 such as the use of purified water in aluminium cans (aluminium cans can be recycled unlimitedly without loss of quality; used aluminium cans can be recycled into new aluminium cans, promoting a circular economy; 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in daily use) or using biodegradable/compostable bags (compostable bags after composted in the soil with organic waste will completely decompose into the water, CO2 and humus within 6 months).

Besides, the Organizing Committee has prepared many souvenirs made from recycled materials such as metal, fabric, wood, and plastic… in the program “Exchange garbage for gifts” at My Dinh Stadium. Notably, at SEA Games 31, the collected waste will be sorted, recycled and treated according to regulations.

Also, within the campaign framework, a set of media publications for “plastic-free SEA Games 31″ on reducing single-use plastic will be released to promote a Green SEA Games.

It is the second time that Vietnam has hosted the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31) with the theme “For a Stronger Southeast Asia”. Besides the tournament, the campaign launched for plastic-free SEA Games to raise public awareness of environmental protection while promoting manufacturers and distributors of disposable plastic products switches to the alternative that is more environmentally friendly.

Each person changes and joins hands in the wave of plastic reduction, affecting millions of other people. A Green SEA Games will spread powerful messages across Southeast Asia. This is also the strength of sport – the spirit of sport associated with the sustainable development of each country and the whole region.


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