HMSHost introduces BIOLO biodegradable straws to US airport dining venues

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USA. Global travel restaurateur HMSHost has partnered with BIOLO to introduce PHA biodegradable straws in numerous dining venues at US airports across California, Washington, Texas, North Carolina, and Florida.

The partnership with Kansas City-headquartered BIOLO – secured through HMSHost’s packaging partner Baer & Associates – marks a milestone in HMSHost’s mission to significantly reduce the use of single-use plastic guest packaging in its North American airport operations.

HMSHost had previously tested paper straws as replacements for plastic ones but was not satisfied with the performance, the company said.

The environmentally-friendly BIOLO PHA biodegradable straws will play a major role in reducing HMSHost’s carbon footprint in North America

BIOLO compostable straws are produced from a renewable plant-based plastic alternative. The substance is known as polyhydroxyalkanoate, or PHA, which is TÜV-certified for biodegradation in soil, marine, and freshwater environments, as well as in home and industrial composting settings. The material breaks down in 180 days or less, leaving behind zero microplastics.

HMSHost Senior Director of Sustainability Ann Fondersmith said: “We are incredibly pleased with not only the quality and durability of BIOLO straws, but also the customer experience. During our testing period, we repeatedly heard from travellers that they couldn’t believe that the sturdy, functional straws they were using weren’t made of plastic.”

She added: “Through our partnership with BIOLO, HMSHost can deliver on our important commitment to reducing single-use plastics by eliminating plastic straws. Over the course of a year across our North American operations, this will equate to keeping millions of plastic straws out of our environment.”

BIOLO Product Manager Michael Delano said: “We are excited to partner with HMSHost to reduce plastic waste and the impact that we as humans make on the planet. Finding ways to reduce environmental impact while still providing people with guilt-free plastic alternatives that fit the rigorous standards of modern-day life is what the BIOLO brand is all about.”

In July 2018, HMSHost noted it became the first travel restaurateur to publicly announce the elimination of plastic straws to help address the harmful accumulation of plastics in oceans and landfills.

Following the announcement, the company said it immediately reduced travellers’ unnecessary plastic usage by removing straws from common areas of quick-service restaurants and only offering straws on request in casual dining restaurants.

At the time, HMSHost also launched a #SkipTheStraw marketing and social media campaign to educate customers on why the company was encouraging customers not to use straws, and the powerful impact it would have on the environment.

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