Successfully applying compostable materials Anbio in Vietnam

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The compostable materials AnBio have been successfully applied to produce AnEco branded products in Vietnam, welcomed by consumers, hotel chains and F&B businesses.

For the past 5 years, plastic waste pollution has been a big problem, becoming more and more serious and concerned by the entire Vietnamese society. Being the 4th country with the largest amount of plastic waste discharged into the ocean (according to a report by the United Nations Environment Program), Vietnam is urgently making efforts to improve this issue. It sets the first priority to raise public awareness, reduce the use of disposable plastic products, and to use environmentally safe and sustainable alternative products.

Compostable products AnEco using AnBio materials

Grasping this demand of the society, An Phat Holdings has thoroughly researched and successfully produced compostable products AnEco using green materials provided by AnBio.

Sản phẩm AnEco tại Việt Nam
AnEco products in Vietnam

With various kinds of materials suitable for different production technologies and applications, AnBio has become the input materials for a wide variety of AnEco products:

– BG8800 is used to produce all kinds of AnEco bags including food bags, shopping bags and trash bags, applying blow-molding technology;

– Anbio S3 is used to produce AnEco straws, applying extrusion technology;

– BG4400 is used to produce AnEco cutlery, applying injection molding technology;

– Anbio CTR02 is used to produce AnEco glove, applying blow-molding technology.

BG4400 dùng sản xuất dao thìa nĩa
BG4400 for producing cutlery

Gradually improving machines, improving operating expertise and skills to match the technical features of the compostable materials AnBio, An Phat Holdings has been constantly developing AnEco green product range, starting with bags, then cutlery, straw, glove, etc.

Conquering the vast market

With their eco-friendliness as completely decomposing into humus, water, and CO2 within 6-12 months, all of AnEco’s products are quickly welcomed and loved in the Vietnamese market.

AnEco’s distribution system has been continuously expanding and the products are now present in most of large and small supermarkets across the country such as BigC, Lotte Mart, Aeon, Mega Market …

Sản phẩm AnEco tại một siêu thị
AnEco products at a supermarket

Furthermore, by 2020, AnEco has been exported to 20 countries around the world, conquering even the most demanding markets such as the US, Canada, Japan and many European countries (UK, Germany, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Austria, Finland, etc.).

Optimal production costs with AnBio raw materials

The special thing is that all of AnBio compostable materials can be applied on the production line of conventional plastic products. The necessary customization is done meticulously but does not require too much replacement or new investment. With technology and technical supports from AnBio experts, all common plastic product manufacturers are able to operate their lines to produce compostable products, meeting the growing demand of the market.

Nguyên liệu AnBio được ứng dụng trên dây chuyền của công ty Nhựa An Phát Xanh
AnBio compostable materials are applied on An Phat Bioplastics’ production line

It can be said that the success of AnEco brand in Vietnam and other countries is the most convincing evidence of the feasibility, flexibility and vast potential of AnBio compostable materials. Currently, AnBio is cooperating with manufacturing partners in many different countries to deploy widely the application of this material, in order to realize its mission of “greening” the living environment for present and future generations.

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