Privacy and Information sharing Policy

1. Privacy and Information sharing Policy

This privacy and information sharing policy (referred to as “Policy”) aims to ensure information security related to organizations and individuals participating in accessing and transacting on the website http://www., which is owned by An Phat Holdings (hereinafter referred to as “AnEco”).

This policy describes how AnEco receives, synthesizes, stores, uses and protects information of organizations and individuals (called collectively as “Customers”) participating in accessing and transacting on the website The Customer’s access to or performance of transactions on the website shall be interpreted as the Customer has read, understood and agreed to comply with this Policy, including revised versions, supplement of the Policy. The revised version of this Policy (if any) will take effect after 5 days from the date of amendment and supplement of the Policy announced by AnEco.

2. Specific regulations

 2.1. Regarding to collecting information

– When the Customer performs transactions and/ or registers to open an account at the website, from time to time, the Customer must provide some necessary information for the implementation of transaction and account registration (customer information).

– Customers are responsible for ensuring the information provided by them is complete, accurate and always updated to ensure completeness and accuracy. AnEco is not responsible for resolving any dispute if the information provided by the Customers is not accurate, updated or fake.

2.2. Regrading to storing and securing personal information

– Customers information, as well as exchange information between customers and AnEco, are saved and secured by AnEco’s system. The information about payment cards of customers will be secured by AnEco’s payment gateway.

– AnEco has appropriate technical and security measures to prevent unauthorized access and use of customer information. AnEco also regularly cooperates with security experts to update the latest information on network security to ensure the safety of customer information when customers access, register to open an account or use the features of AnEco’s website. When collecting data, AnEco stores and secures customer information at the server system and these information are secured by firewall systems, access control measures, data encrypt,…

– Customer’s payment card information is protected by AnEco’s payment gateway partners according to international standards. AnEco does not allow third parties to monitor or collect Customer information, on AnEco’s component websites.

– For closed accounts, we still store personal information and access of customers to serve the purposes of fraud prevention, investigation, troubleshooting,… AnEco only deletes these datas if Customer requires. In case customers request, please send email to We will receive, review and make the request to delete information as soon as possible.

– Customers absolutely must not have any use of tools and programs to illegally interfere in the system or change the data structure of AnEco; must not engage in any other acts to spread, encourage activities for the purpose of interfering, sabotaging or infiltrating AnEco system’s data; It is prohibited to conduct acts prohibited by Vietnamese law. In case AnEco discovers that Customer has intentionally forged, cheated or distributed unauthorized information,… AnEco has the right to transfer Customer’s personal information to the competent authorities for handling according to laws.

2.3. Regarding to using customers’ information

AnEco has the right to use the information provided by Customers, including but not limited to customer information to:

– Provide services/ utilities to the Customer based on the needs and habits of the Customer when accessing AnEco;

– Sending notices, exchanging information between the Customer and AnEco, other websites of An Phat Holdings, or vice versa;

– Detect and prevent fraudulent activities, sabotage Customer’s account or activities of Customer’s identity on AnEco;

– Contact, support contact and deal with Customers in special cases.

2.4. Regarding to sharing customers’ information

– AnEco does not provide customer information to any third parties unless being required to do so by the request of the competent Government agencies, as prescribed by law, or when providing these information is necessary for AnEco to provide services/ utilities to customers (For example: Providing the necessary for delivery information to the delivery partners,…).

AnEco can share the use of customer information for the following purposes:

Market research and analysis reports: AnEco can use customer information to conduct market research, summarize and analyze Customer’s general information (e.g. average age, geographical area). Details will be hidden and will only be used for statistical work. In the event that AnEco conducts a survey that requires Customer involvement, any responses to surveys or polls that Customer provides to AnEco will not be forwarded to any third parties.

Exchange customer information with other companies at An Phat Holdings and partners who have signed customer care cooperation agreements with AnEco: AnEco can share customer information for member companies of An Phat Holdings, AnEco’s customer care partners. This sharing helps AnEco to provide customers with information about products and services related to goods, services and other matters that the Customer may interested in. In the event that An Phat Holdings’ member companies and AnEco’s affiliates are granted access to customer information, they will strictly comply with the provisions described in this Policy.

Exchange customer information with third party partners, agents of AnEco: AnEco can transfer customer information to agents and subcontractors to do data analysis, marketing and customer service support. line. AnEco can also exchange customer information with third parties for the purposes of fraud protection and credit risk reduction.

– In addition to the above cases, AnEco will give specific notice to the Customer when it is required to disclose customer information to a third party. In this case, AnEco commits to disclose customer information only with the Customer’s consent.

 2.5. Using cookie

AnEco provides cookies or similar technologies to collect information such as: access history, Customer’s choices when accessing and using AnEco’s features… to increase the security experience and help AnEco understand customers’ needs and preferences to be able to provide better services.

 2.6. Contact, answer questions

Whenever customers need assistance, please call the hotline 02432.669.600 of AnEco or send email to:

Thank you for your valuable cooperation!