AnEco – oxo-biodegradable & compostable (part 2)

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Scientific revolution – Rescue the future

AnEco is known as an amazing scientific and technical achievement of the world’s greatest plastic chemical scientists. It is recognized that plastic bags are convenient products for daily life. Therefore, completely eliminating them from our lives is not simple. A product that maintains useful features of conventional plastic bags and provides us excellent features on environmental protection is our best choice, isn’t it? The product mostly wanted by people is AnEco.

In order to discover the materials that can completely decompose into water, humus and CO2, the decomposition process takes place fastest when the products are completely subjected to the direct biochemical processes. After years of in-depth research, the best plastic chemical scientists have come up with the most practical and feasible plan, which is composed of a flexible substance like plastic and attached with a carbon chain between its main chain. This will help microorganisms to break down chemical molecules, making the plastic decompose into water, humus and CO2.

TUV OK Home Compost Certificate

A type of plastic is qualified as biodegradable items if meeting these criterias:

– 90% of the matters decomposes after 180 days

– 90% of microorganisms survives after 50% of plastic has been decomposed.

Until now, many types of bioplastics have been discovered. The most popular types used in daily life and production are PLA and PBAT. Our AnEco products are made of the combination between these two types. Specially, they are extracted from corn starch and non-GMO vegetable oil and are grown in Europe by the traditional agricultural methods. The most important thing is that both of these materials are certified with Vincotte OK compost HOME, which is the worldwide recognition for biodegradable products in simple conditions in the garden of your home.

For that reasons, AnEco is confident to be a friendly product, a solution to protect the environment, protecting human health and living creatures against the influence of microplastics. Together with us, let’s change people’s perceptions and behaviors about using eco-friendly products!

Refer to English document about the comparison of COMPOSTABLE and OXO-BIODEGRADABLE products

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