AnEco – Why is it special?

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In previous articles, AnEco defined what were biodegradable bags, degradable bags, compostable bags and about our differences and eco-friendly. So, how can identify AnEco products? What are the visual differences of AnEco from other conventional bags are available on the market? These questions will be answered in this article:

The conventional bags are hardly decomposed because they are mainly made of polyethylene. Therefore, in the packaging, main constituents are polyethylene (PE) or having logos like that:

The above logo illustrates that the bag is composed of HDPE and LDPE, which is conventional plastic and need hundreds of years to be completely decomposed.

As for AnEco, with 100% biological eco-friendly materials, completely decomposed within six months under the landfill condition involving microorganisms, AnEco will be granted with specific “badges” for identification. Particularly, they are:

OK HOME COMPOST certification that is recognized by TUV Austria

Certification for compostable (completely decomposed)

Additionally, the product packaging can tell us that it is absolutely environmentally friendly. AnEco products are characterized by two packaging types for easy identification from other brands, which usually have the word “Eco” in their names but do not protect the environment:

Green-white eco-friendly Duplex paper

The one and only kraft paper material on Vietnamese packaging market

AnEco eco-friendly packaging

AnEco of An Phat Holdings is the first product in Vietnam to be granted with the above certificates for biological 100% compostable products. Companing with AnEco, you can sure that using each bag is a great contribution in protecting the environment.

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