Eco-friendly products & Green transformation: A Path to sustainable future

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Building ‘green brands’ and using environmentally friendly products has become a business strategy to enhance businesses’ competitive moat in recent years.

In recent years, the green transformation has been emerging taken in many countries around the world and spread positive messages about protecting the environment. Not only happenning in daily life, but many businesses are also starting to use environmentally friendly products and build green brands to enhance their competitiveness.

What is ‘Green transformation’?

In daily life, green transformation is the active use of green, eco-friendly products and limiting the use of products that pollute the environment such as plastic bags, disposable plastic products. … For businesses, green transformation is not only about using green products but also the growth associated with environmental protection, minimizing the negative impact on the environment such as minimizing emissions. carbon and waste, making use of renewable energy …

Consumers, especially the young generation, increasingly prioritize green and environmentally friendly products

While many economies around the world continue to grapple with consequences post-Covid-19 crisis, the question of sustainable development associated with environmental protection has become more urgent than ever. And green transformation for many countries is the answer to a sustainable future and protection of biodiversity and ensuring the quality of human life. To achieve this goal, enterprises are the spearheads in implementing the green transformation revolution.

In fact in Vietnam, green transformation is a relatively new concept, but many Vietnamese enterprises have become a pioneer in implementing the green transformation movement and spread positive messages about environmental protection to the community.

Green transformation – new direction for business

Becoming a “green” business is not easy. Thus, what causes many businesses to choose this new direction?

Firstly, today’s consumers, especially the young generation, are increasingly interested in environmental factors and are willing to spend more on green and clean products to protect the environment. Therefore, building a green brand by using eco-friendly products and reducing environmental damage is a way that helps businesses to approach consumer more actively.

Vinamilk uses AnEco compostable bag to protect the environment

Secondly, green transformation helps businesses to catch on to the international trend of going green. In August 2020, the Vietnam – Europe Free Trade Agreement officially came into effect, creating favorable opportunities for Vietnamese products to be exported to Europe. However, also in these countries, environmental standards can become a barrier for Vietnamese goods to enter this market. Therefore, Vietnamese enterprises need to quickly grasp the criteria of their partners, especially about environment and sustainable development, to seize opportunities for market development, and not to be lagged behind other countries.

Moreover, the green transformation helps businesses improve their competitiveness. The increasingly vibrant market for goods, trade and services means the competition is getting fiercer. Green branding is becoming a trend and strategy to help businesses improve their competitiveness in the context of consumers aiming to use green and clean products and many countries also have preferential policies for environmentally friendly products.

AnEco works side by side with Vietnamese enterprises to go green

In Vietnam, An Phat Holdings is one of the first pioneers in the research and development of compostable products branded AnEco. Eco-friendly products such as knives, spoons, forks, paper cups, straws, and gloves are manufactured on modern technology lines and ensure complete decomposition without leaving microplastics.

AnEco compostable products meet stringent international standards for the ability to decompose, safe for health, and environmentally friendly.

AnEco products are made from AnBio compostable materials and able to decompose within 6 – 12 months in home or industrial burial condition. AnEco products have also undergone strict inspection and are certified many of the world’s leading certifications such as: OK Compost HOME and OK Compost INDUSTRIAL of TUV Austria, in addition to BPI Compostable certificate of USA, certificate DIN CERTCO and Biobased 50 – 85% of German.

An Phat Holdings is committed to working side-by-side and supporting Vietnamese businesses in green transformation to protect the environment

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