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Today’s hectic pace of life is accelerating the development of fast food, take-away, and especially food delivery. However, most of these units are using plastic boxes, foam food containers. For a long time, there have been many studies have proved that the use of plastic containers and foam containers for hot food may pose potential danger to human health.

Specifically, the use of plastic containers to store food that is hot above 70 degrees Celsius may make the food to be contaminated with many harmful chemicals. When we consume these foods, we will inadvertently accumulate toxins in the body and gradually develop chronic diseases, possibly even cancer. Meanwhile, most of the foam boxes available on the market today are made from PS (Polystiren) plastic, when affected by heat will release toxins that are harmful to the liver, nerves and can cause cancer.

Not only harmful to human health, these plastic and foam products after being used will become waste that takes hundreds of years to decompose. Therefore, the transition to green – clean products and safety for health has become an urgent need globally.

In the race for the best environmentally friendly product, compostable products made from bagasse are said to be the perfect products that meet the above criteria. So, what are products made from bagasse?

Sản phẩm thân thiện môi trường làm từ bã mía
Eco-friendly products are made from bagasse

1. What are bagasse products?

Sugarcane is a popular plant in Vietnam grown for the production of sugar. After the sugar manufacturing process, hundreds of millions of tons of bagasse are discarded. However, few people know that this is an excellent source of raw materials to make environmentally friendly products.

Environmentally friendly products made from bagasse are products made directly from the bagasse of sugarcane, the inside is coated with a completely biodegradable PLA (derived from starch). This is a natural organic material source. Although being discovered later, the eco-friendly products made from bagasse of AnEco have many advantages compared to other environmentally friendly products and received a lot of positive feedback from customers.

Bát bã mía AnEco
Bagasse bowl

2. The pros and cons of AnEco bagasse products

Firstly, AnEco bagasse products are especially safe for human health. Consumers can completely rest assured to use without fear of toxins contaminating food. In addition, products made from bagasse can withstand heat up to 100 degrees C, so it can be used in the microwave or containing hot foods. The product is also water and oil resistant.

Secondly, because bagasse is hard and heavy, products made from AnEco bagasse are harder and firmer than other ingredients.

Cốc bã mía AnEco
Bagasse double layer hot cup

Thirdly, bagasse products easily decompose completely into water, CO2 and organic humus which is beneficial to plants and soil within 6-12 months. AnEco bagasse products, therefore, are particularly environmentally friendly.

Finally, bagasse is a common source of raw materials in tropical regions (including Vietnam). So we have an extremely abundant supply source to make environmentally friendly products by taking advantage of available raw materials.

For businesses in F&B sector, AnEco bagasse-based products will help businesses transition to environmentally friendly products, meet the safety needs of consumers’ health as well as taking steps to catch up with the world’s green consumption trend, thereby enhancing the value of products and brands.

However, compared to other ingredients for eco-friendly products, bagasse is only suitable for products that require a high degree of hardness such as food containers, spoons, cups and it is not suitable for making compostable gloves or bags.

3. AnEco bagasse products

Currently, AnEco is providing more than 15 bagasse products, including: hot bagasse cup, soup bagasse cup, bagasse food bowl, bagasse rice box, bagasse food tray, bagasse food container, bagasse food plate. These products are suitable for take-away or storing food.

Hộp đựng cơm bã mía AnEco
AnEco clamshell food container (model 4)

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