How are AnEco knives, spoons and forks manufactured?

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In current years, when fast food has made its way to family’s everyday meals, single-use items such as knives, spoons, forks have become more popular. However, are these items safe for health to use?

The answer is: Safety depends on the product that we choose to use. Therefore, choosing suitable products with clear origin, meeting safety standards for health and environmental friendliness is always concerned by consumers. 

With many outstanding advantages such as the ability to decompose into water, CO2, and humus within 6-12 months in the industrial burial condition, a perfect alternative to poor quality plastic products on the market, materials that are safe for children’s health, AnEco knives, spoons and forks are currently the most popular product line on the market. 

To have an overview of AnEco products, let’s learn more about the process of manufacturing AnEco knives, spoons and forks. 

Ingredients preparation  

Compostable materials are one of the most important factors in manufacturing AnEco eco-friendly knives, spoons and forks. 

First of all, materials are fed into the mixer with a certain ratio to create a mixture of materials that suitable for the production of knives, spoons and forks, ensuring a specific hardness

Các nguyên liệu khác nhau được trộn đều, sấy tách ẩm
Ingredients are mixed well and dried to remove moisture 

The mixed materials after that will be transferred to the dehumidification process. Next, the mixed material will be delivered to the injection molding machines automatically through the closed stainless steel pipes to ensure hygiene as well as avoiding impurities before moving to the knife, spoon and fork production line. 

Injection molding technology in producing knives, spoons and forks

After being transferred to an injection molding machine, the material is heated until it is melted and injected into a steel mold to shape the product. The mold, after that, is cooled by a cooling system to shape the product. After cooling, finished knives, spoons and forks are formed. 

Công nghệ ép phun trong sản xuất dao, thìa, dĩa AnEco
Injection molding technology in producing of knives, spoons and forks 

Quality control and packaging

Finished knives, spoons and forks will be undergone a strict inspection process before packed. In addition, all samples were tested for the ability to decompose as well as product durability through time 

Kiểm tra chất lượng và đóng gói sản phẩm
Product inspection and packaging process 

Thus, it takes many steps to produce AnEco compostable knives, spoons, forks, such as material preparation, moisture extraction, injection molding, quality inspection… Hence, consumers can place their confidence AnEco knives, spoons and forks that are both safe for health and the environment.  

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