The “green” secret of manufacturing AnEco compostable products

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Anbio compostable materials is the exclusive secret to the production of AnEco compostable products.

Around the world, the production of environmentally friendly compostable products has quickly become an emerging trend. There are many businesses that manufacture these products, but the key to creating green products is raw materials – something that not all businesses can produce on their own.

At present, there are not many enterprises holding the patent for manufacturing compostable materials while An Phat Holdings is one of the few companies in the world that owns patents besides big names such as BASF, Novamont, Total Corbion… An Phat Holdings not only capable of producing AnEco products but also providing AnBio materials to partners.

The raw materials used in the production of AnEco products must be able to decompose and have European or American certificates. These ingredients also need to pass FDA food safety certification if they are used to produce food contact products such as knives, spoons, forks, straws…

AnBio materials are created after mixing compostable material

AnBio materials are created following the process of granulating technology from raw materials such as PBAT, PLA, PBS… These raw materials must be compostable and certified for compostability.

The production of AnBio materials requires high quality standards due to the limited physical and chemical properties of compostable materials. The ingredients will be accurately quantified according to the product formula, and it must be fed into the extrusion equipment in the required sequence. Also, the parameters of the equipment such as engine flow, temperature, pressure, humidity, … are strictly monitored.

AnBio materials are currently being produced at a factory located in Korea under a strict inspection process certified by the Korean government. At the same time, the manufacturing process does not create any harmful waste, efficiency reaches 99.6%. Following by, by-prodcuts are processed to become commercial products.

Research and development activities to create material mixing formulas has been always a top priority at An Phat Holdings

In addition, An Phat Holdings has also invested in a state-of-the-art laboratory equipment system to test and find the optimal production parameters. Currently, new formulas and innovations to diversify products are continuously researched and developed by APH’s R&D experts for the purpose of meeting the needs of the market and targeting consumers.

Presently, An Phat Holdings is implementing a project to build AnBio compostable material manufacturing plant with a capacity of 20.000 tons per year in Hai Phong. This also will be the biggest compostable material manufacturing plant in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. With this factory, the production process of AnEco products will be synchronized and closed from input materials to final products. Thanks to the materials self-supply, the cost of raw materials and products will be cut down, which will help AnEco products reach out to potential customers.

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