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Products made from recycled plastic and materials that are unsafe for health, not environmentally friendly are still frequently used in many households. Consuming food that might be contaminated with toxins from plastic products are posing direct threat to human health as well as the environment. Besides, the cause of environmental pollution is not only in public places, on the street but also by the way we use these products everyday. Let’s join AnEco to learn about environmentally friendly and healthy products that should be found in every modern family.

Compostable bags

Apart from storing food in plastics boxes, plastic bags are still popular nowadays in many families. However, there are potential threats from plastic bags such as: unsanitary, many impurities, harmful additives … have made plastic bags gradually limited in our kitchen. Since then, the compostable bags have become the perfect replacement.

Túi sinh học AnEco được ưa chuộng trong cuộc sống hàng ngày
AnEco compostable bags are favorable products in modern family

There are many types of compostable bags on the market, but not all bags are truly environmentally friendly. As consumers become more and more wiser, they know how to choose reputable brands to trust. AnEco compostable bags is the first brand in Vietnam to meet strict international standards for fully composability even in the home burial condition. In addition, AnEco bag are safe for consumers’ health while not affecting the quality of food.

Currently, AnEco has many types of bags for customers to choose such as: food bags, shopping bags, garbage bags … If you choose to protect your family’s health, protect the environment, you can completely trust AnEco compostable bags.

Compostable gloves

Besides bags, disposable gloves are indispensable items in every family. Supporting the cooking, cleaning … are common uses of gloves. Most disposable gloves on the market are made from plastic, rubber or other materials that are not really environmentally friendly.

AnEco compostable gloves are fully qualified as a conventional plastic glove but it is capable of decomposing into CO2, water and humus without leaving microplastics. The product can be used as normal plastic gloves to prepare food, cleaning or during hairdresser processes. Nevertheless, if plastic gloves normally take at least 450 years to decompose, the AnEco gloves only take 6-12 months to decompose in the natural landfill environment.

Găng tay sinh học của AnEco hội đủ tính năng như một găng tay nilon thông thường nhưng không để lại vi nhựa trong và sau quá trình sử dụng
AnEco compostable gloves is not only convenient but also environmentally friendly

Thanks to the advantages of being both environmentally friendly and meeting the diverse needs of users, AnEco compostable gloves have been receiving many positive feedbacks from customers and being increasingly popular in many families.

Compostable straws, knives, spoons and forks

Compostable straws, knives, spoons and forks are disposable items that look no different from disposable plastic products on the market today, but have many advantages and outstanding benefits because it is made from eco-friendly and renewable materials (such as corn starch…) that are both safe for health and friendly with the environment.

Người tiêu dùng lựa chọn AnEco để thay thế các sản phẩm kém chất lượng trên thị trường
Consumers choose AnEco products to replace poor quality products in the market

AnEco compostable straws, knives, spoons and forks are the products chosen by many consumers and businesses. In addition to reputable restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, AnEco compostable products that replace disposable plastic are also selected by many households because of their convenience and safety. AnEco currently has a variety of straws with different sizes serving all beverage needs, from soft drinks to smoothies, bubble tea.

With the same use as disposable plastic products, but AnEco product is able to completely decompose into humus, CO2 and water after 6-12 months in industrial burial condition, straws, knives, AnEco biological spoon and fork deserve to be trusted in every family for its safety, health and environmental friendliness.

In addition to familiar items such as bags, knives, spoons, forks, straws, and gloves, AnEco is now adding new eco-friendly product lines such as: bagasse products, PLA … with applications for lunch boxes, cake boxes, cold cups … Now, we have more options to “live green” and make our home environmentally friendly.

To order AnEco products, you can visit the website: or call  hotline: 024 3266 9600 for more informations.

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