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Soft, thick, sturdy, environmentally friendly, gentle color and fragrance, good price…That’s what customers shared after buying and using AnEco’s compostable trash bags on the US’s largest eCommerce platform Amazon.

What comes from the heart…

Undertake the mission to change negative consumption habit of consumers of easily accepting toxic plastic products, thereby minimizing the impact of plastic pollution and responding to climate change, AnEco compostable products are researched and developed by An Phat Holdings according to the world’s most stringent standards, ensuring strict processes with leading modern technology.

One hand cannot clap. Therefore, AnEco, with a passionate heart and a determined spirit, introducing to the world high quality products to build a sustainable environment for future generations together.

Will go to the heart

AnEco trash bags with light green color inspired by nature and gentle aroma (derived from starch) is the first product that AnEco chooses to sell on Amazon. Not only being able to fully decompose in normal burial, AnEco compostable trash bags also possess many outstanding advantages, such as:

  • Smart design: The product is placed in a sturdy carton box, the lid is easily opened to get the bag. The bag is neatly rolled with convenient tear line.
  • Safe for users’ health: AnEco trash bags do not contain any harmful chemicals and additives, do not release microplastics into the environment or to the trash, kitchen.
  • Convenience: With a capacity of 3 gallons and no water leakage, customers can use our products in the kitchen, bathroom or in the office, campsite, etc.

Thanks to these advantages, it has only been less than 1 month since the official launch of the first product – 3 gallon trash bag, but AnEco has been chosen by many customers with an increase in the number of sales orders every day. We also received valued feedbacks:

“Bought this for my mom who uses a compost bin for her food compost. It’s sturdy and durable yet good for the environment. Keeps the compost bin clean as well. We tried other brands but those brand could not hold and did not compost. This product is great so far! Highly recommend!” One customer especially like AnEco trash bags because of its compostability feature.

Meanwhile, Mr Jeremy Chen was strongly impressed with the high quality of the product: “I have been using compostable bags for awhile now. I switched to this brand (ANECO) several weeks ago, and couldn’t be any happier. This brand beats all the others! These are better quality (thicker) than thoes I previously used. They are plenty large enough to fit in my countertop compost bin with plenty of room to gather the top to tote it away. We love them! And best of all they are a great for the environment as well!”

Customer Book and Dog Lover also shared: “I’m using these compostable trash bags for our bathroom trash can and the work great They are thick enough and strong enough so that I don’t have to worry about leakage or ripping, but not so thick that they won’t compost.”

Towards the goal of introducing the quintessence of compostable technology from Vietnam to the world, AnEco has been continuing to research and launch more product lines such as tablecloths, disposable cutlery sets, food bags, etc. AnEco commits to bringing customers high quality GREEN products at the best price.

Explore AnEco’s official store on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3hihg2q

Together, we preserve and build the Green Earth!

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