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TUV AUSTRIA (formerly was Vinçotte) is known as a Belgian accreditation and certification organization, controlling 75% of Belgium consumer market in 2004. In addition, TUV AUSTRIA is authorized by the European Bioplastic Association, certified and awarded with the Seedling logo for EN 13432 standardized products. Specifically, a biodegradable product which is certified with OK Compost Certificate and Seedling logo is also recognized by TÜV AUSTRIA across Europe. Specific certifications for each biodegradable environment are offered by TUV AUSTRIA.

TUV AUSTRIA certificates classification

TUV AUSTRIA is divided into these following certificates:

  1. OK HOME COMPOST Certificate

Due to the small amount of waste, the temperature in garden compost is lower and not maintained as it is in industrial composting environment. As a result, garden composting is recognized as a difficult and slower process. Therefore, OK HOME Compost Certification System has been launched by TUV AUSTRIA to ensure the capacity of composting processes in specific environments, even with garden compost. It is shown that to receive OK HOME COMPOST Certificate, the product does overcome strict quality control stages.

TÜV AUSTRIA (formerly was Vinçotte) is a certification organization authorized by European Bioplastics Association. Therefore, it is able to award the Seedling logo to products that comply with EN 13432 criteria. By awarding OK HOME COMPOST Certificate and the Seedling logo at the same time, owners of TÜV AUSTRIA certificates are confirmed that their compostable products are recognized throughout the European market.

  1. OK BIOBASED Certificate

A certification system that clearly verifies product origin and this product can reproduce. It means that: analyzing product whether being made from fossil (petroleum-based) or from renewable materials.


OK Compost Industrial’s packagings or products are guaranteed to be completely compostable in an industrial composting factory. It applies to every components, including: ink and additives of the compostable product. The certification is The EN 13432:2000 standard used for reference: under any circumstances, all products having the compost logo comply with the requirements of the EU Directive on Packaging (94/62/EEC).

  1. OK Bio-Degradable Marine Certificate

Due to the fact that most of the marine waste is from the mainland, biodegradation in seawater is an extremely valuable feature for any products or packagings, regardless of wherever it is consumed. Any suppliers investing in this feature for their products or packagings has the chance to verify this information in accordance with international standards – this information does not mean encourageing consumers to discard trash to the ocean or anywhere else.

  1. OK Bio-Degradable Soil Certificate

Biodegradability in soil offers a great deal of benefit to agricultural and horticultural products because these products can decompose on site after it is used. The OK Bio-Degradable SOIL label guarantees that the product is readily compostable in soil and not found with any adverse environmental impact.

  1. OK Bio-Degradable WATER Certificate

OK Bio-degradable Water certified products are guaranteed to be readily biodegradable in fresh water in natural environment. Thus, it contributes significantly to reducing waste in river and lake. Notably, this does not mean that biodegradation process takes place in seawater.

What certification did AnEco products acquire?

An Phat Bioplastics., JSC (AAA) of An Phat Holdings is the only Vietnamese enterprise to become a member of the European Bioplastic Association. Moreover, AnEco 100% compostable products are made of plasticized corn starch (PLA) and compostable PBAT microplastics imported from Germany, with the feature enabling the decomposition into CO2, water and humus within 6 months to 1 year (see AnEco products’ decomposition process here) in natural landfill environment. Qualified with the strict quality control stages, AnEco has been granted with the OK HOME COMPOST Certificate, which is the most valuable certification of self-decomposed, by TUV AUSTRIA.

Officially introduced in Vietnamese market at the end of 2018, AnEco products were specially interested by Vietnamese consumers who desire to change the habit by replacing the traditional plastic bags  by biological bags. It is unveiled that many people has had strong awareness of protecting and reducing plastic waste. In fact, despite the late introduction to the domestic market, AnEco products have been exported by An Phat Holdings for 16 years to foreign markets, named scientifically “compostable,” they have been used in several countries such as Germany, France, Japan, England, etc.

Currently, AnEco products have appeared on the shelves of almost every supermarkets: Vinmart, Seika, Teekiu, L’space, Nam An (Ho Chi Minh City). If you wish to use it, please access to these supermarkets.

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