Delivery policy

Delivery policy

AnEco has nationwide delivery service, appling to customers buying on the website, fanpage and phone call, but are not applicable to customers who buy directly at the store.

Orders will be delivered to the address customers provided through the intermediary delivery company.

In the provinces, the surrounding areas or other provinces across the country.

The delivery cost will be specifically informed to the customers by the sales staffs according to the shipping service’s quotation.

If you need more information or have any requests, please contact a sales representative for assistance or call the Hotline: 02432.669.600

Delivery time

Depending on the regulations, the policy of the delivery company is AnEco’s partner.

Order processing time will be counted from the time the customer receives the completed payment.

Delivery time may be changed if requested by the customer and AnEco proactively changes in the event of natural disasters or other special events.

Your order will be delivered up to 3 times. In case of the first unsuccessful delivery, there will be a person who contacts customer to arrange the next delivery schedule with you, in case still unable to contact or not receive any response from the customer, the order will no longer be valid.

To check information or status of your order, please call the hotline 02432.669.600, provide your name and phone number to be checked.

When the products are delivered to you, please confirm with the delivery staff and check the correct quantity and type of products delivered. Please retain shipping receipts and purchase invoices for checking.