An Phat Holdings

An Phat Holdings is the leading corporation operating in the field of hi-tech and environment-friendly plastic production in South East Asia with almost 20 years of development.

An Phat Holdings is confident with our competency and competitive position to enter a new development stage with focus on investments into key products. They are environment-friendly packaging solutions and high-tech engineering plastics, chemicals and plastics additives, polyester artificial fibers, plastic resins, etc.

Considering research, creativity and innovation activities are keys to success, our desire is to bring the best value to our customers, shareholders and employees.

Catching up with the new global comsumption trend of shifting from conventional plastics to high-tech and environment-friendly products, An Phat Holdings aims to achieve sustainability ​​and protect the benefit of the human, the nature and the environment. We has set clear vision for our brand and make it a guide for all future activity of our organization. The way forward may be prolonged but will be more meaningful to us all whenever each every product and effort are for our ultimate goal: CREAT A GREEN FUTURE FOR COMMUNITY.