Although there are still many challenges, converting green product production is considered an inevitable trend for plastic businesses, especially when the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy which bans and restricts the production and consumption of single-use plastic products comes into practice.  “Green production will be an inevitable trend for plastic businesses”, Mr. Nguyen Le Thang […]

Plastic cups and containers will be banned from parks along the Han River in 2025, in an effort by Seoul City to reduce single-use plastics. The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on Thursday comprehensive countermeasures against the surge of single-use plastic containers, sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the measures, the city aims to curb plastic […]

Since July 2023, DIN CERTCO GmbH (Berlin, Germany) offers a new certification scheme according to the new standard EN 17427:2022 “Packaging – Requirements and test scheme for carrier bags suitable for treatment in well-managed home composting installations”. Based on the French standard, the European standard EN 17427 had been developed at the European level during […]

Microplastics commonly found in food packaging and paints have been discovered in the human heart for the first time. The alarming find was made by a team of scientists from Beijing Anzhen Hospital in China, who analyzed the heart tissue of 15 patients who underwent cardiovascular surgery, according to the study published by the American […]

Indonesia will start imposing a ban on single-use plastic products by the end of 2029, the country’s Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar said on Monday (Jun 5). By that time, manufacturers are also mandated to reduce their use of plastic packaging by 30 per cent.    Mdm Siti Nurbaya said the ban will include single-use plastic […]

Global warming, caused by greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide (CO2) which trap heat in the atmosphere and warms the globe, is becoming increasing prevalent with unsustainable human activity and mass production. To tackle this, we need to begin looking to bioplastics to transition away from traditional petroleum products polluting our environment.  While some […]

At the “APEC Seminar on Implementing Eco-Labels For Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises Towards A Green Economy” held from July 20-21 in Hanoi organized by Ministry of Industry and Trade and Asia – Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Mr. Nguyen Le Thang Long – Deputy CEO of An Phat Holdings shared the Group’s experience in developing and […]

Shoppers now have to pay 5 Singapore cents a bag at major grocery stores, or bring their own reusable tote. Major supermarket chains in Singapore have started charging for plastic bags, a government move designed to encourage shoppers to use reusable totes that is years behind countries including South Korea and Japan. Beginning Monday, around […]

Ô nhiễm nhựa là một trong những mối đe dọa môi trường lớn nhất mà chúng ta hiện đang phải đối mặt

UK signs Ministerial Statement calling for an ambitious global plastic pollution treaty to tackle plastic pollution and protect the marine environment. The UK, alongside 52 other members of the High Ambition Coalition (HAC) to End Plastic Pollution, has signed a far-reaching Ministerial Statement, calling for an ambitious global plastic pollution treaty to tackle plastic pollution […]

Cigarette butts, plastic bottles, takeaway containers, food wrappers, plastic bags, and straws.  These are just some of the waste items that are collected from the coastlines during Reef Check’s international coastal clean-up events every year.        Reef Check is an international non-governmental organisation that dedicates itself to the conservation of coral reefs.   Throughout September last year, […]