AnEco 100% compostable products are now available on Amazon

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AnEco’s products are officially available on Amazon US – the largest e-commerce platform in this country. This is the result of a continuous process of researching, developing and affirming the core values of AnEco to approach and be present in the international market.

100% compostable products AnEco are now available on Amazon US
100% compostable products AnEco are now available on Amazon US

Effort to bring a Vietnamese brand to the world

In March 2021, AnEco successfully registered the trademark in the United States. This is the first strategic step for major projects of AnEco in this challenging market, starting with Amazon.

Amazon is one of the largest electronic commerce for retailers in Europe with more than 150 million users around the world and accounts for nearly 40% of all online retail activities in the US. These figures show that e-commerce is a “fertile land” with a lot of potentials for exploitation and development. Therefore, AnEco considers it a great opportunity to introduce “Made In Vietnam” compostable products to the world.

On July 7, 2021, AnEco’s products were officially listed on Amazon in the US. Now, customers can easily search and order AnEco products from this platform. After the first days of opening for sale, AnEco store has received a lot of visits, purchases and positive reviews.

Understanding consumers

After researching the market and customers’ needs, AnEco chooses the 3-gallon trash bag product to “say hello to the US”. This is an easy-to-use size and fits most types of household trash cans.

AnEco 100% compostable garbage bag
AnEco 100% compostable garbage bag

With outstanding features such as high resistance, leakproof, easy tear, AnEco trash bag deserves to be a “redoubtable opponent” to any other nylon bag products on the market.

In particular, AnEco garbage bags have the ability to completely decompose into humus, CO2 and water within 6 to 12 months without leaving microplastics or harmful agents to the environment. Therefore, after being used for many different purposes including home and office uses as well as outdoor activities, AnEco trash bags easily decompose even when buried in the home garden or vermicompost bins.

In particular, AnEco trash bag products are fully qualified with the most prestigious certificates for its compostability required by the US market such as BPI Compostable (US Standard ASTM D6400), TUV OK Compost HOME (EU Standard), Seedling Logo (Australian Standard 4736-2006).

AnEco certificates for its compostability
AnEco certificates for its compostability

Continuous innovation and expansion

Not only providing 100% compostable bags but AnEco will also continue to deploy other potential alternatives to plastic items such as tablecloths, cutlery, straws, bowls, plates, cups, food bags, etc.

In the persistent journey of research and development, AnEco’s goal is to reduce single-use plastic wastes and introduce the quintessence of compostable technology from Vietnam to consumers in the opposite hemisphere.

AnEco – solution for a “green” future
AnEco – solution for a “green” future

Proud to be a high-quality Vietnamese product that brings optimal solutions for human health and the environment, AnEco is ready to compete with other big enterprises in the “green” consumer goods to affirm its position in the upcoming time. Through Amazon, AnEco is reaching its target customers and building the brand image in the international market.

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