Vietnamese businesses increase consumption of environmentally friendly products

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Vietnamese businesses reduce conventional single-use plastic consumption

In 2019, many Vietnamese businesses started to increase the production of biodegradable products. Along with that is the rise of many environmentally friendly products such as paper bags, compostable bags/straws/utensils and other products that are made from plant-based materials such as grass straws. These products are starting to gain the trust from customers all over the country.

Along with this trend, many big Vietnamese businesses are being persistent in the fight against conventional single-use plastic products. Major F&B businesses such as Highlands Coffee, The Coffee House, Trung Nguyen Legend Café, Cheese Coffee, Starbucks Coffee are all replacing conventional single-use plastic products with compostable straws, bags and spoons. Many big businesses in the hospitality industry such as Daewoo Hotel, Lotte Hotel, Bao Son Hospital, Vinpearl Resort have decided to choose compostable bags to replace current conventional plastic bags. Supermarket chains such as Vinmart, Circle K, Lotte Mart, Aeon, Farmers’ Market are also entering the fight against conventional single-use plastic with many campaigns that encourage customers to reduce consumption of these products.

Solution for the problems regarding profit for businesses

Besides the efforts to fight against conventional single-use plastic, problems regarding profit for businesses still raise difficult questions as eco-friendly products often cost more than conventional plastic products.

With the decision to replace conventional single-use plastic products, businesses will have higher investment costs. However, in return, they will be able to gain customers’ trust and brand loyalty over time.

Source: VnExpress

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