Phase II of Earth Day Compostable (EDC) campaign that aims to minimize plastic bags and replace with biological compostable bags was continued to be nationally expanded.

Throughout 3 days of Phase II of EDC Campaign, 80 tons of plastic bags were reduced and 5 million AnEco corn starch bags were used as an alternative.

The campaign “Earth Day Compostable” (EDC), Phase II took place on 3 days, on 20, 21 and 22 April 2019

The Phase II of EDC Campaign was joined by dozens of retailers, enterprises, urban areas and organizations, including supermarket chains such as Lotte, Big C, AEON Mall, Intimex, L’s place, Unik Mart, Seika, Teekiu, V+ Hoa Binh and Nam An (HCM); Saint Honore restaurant chain, Fargreen sustainable green farming community; NGOs, such as Clean & Green and MCD; Ecopark ecological urban areas, Ciputra urban area. Moreover, it was also in cooperation of “Challenges to Change” campaign launched by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City; and the Earth Day 2019 event “For a Zero-waste World” organized by Center for Environment and Community Research (CECR) and People’s Committee of Hoan Kiem District on 20 April 2019 in Hanoi. Phase II of EDC Campaign was initiated in over 400 places.

Customers uses AnEco 100% compostable bags at Big C Supermarket

AnEco corn starch bags are used for vegetable in the supermarket

In order to accomplish these goals, Earth Day Compostable campaign continued to deploy two main activities successfully carried out in Phase I. Firstly: guiding consumers and customers to minimize plastic bags if unnecessary, arranging to optimize the number of goods stored in a bag. Secondly: using biological 100% compostable bags instead of plastic bags when it is absolutely necessary. As its name revealed, biological 100% compostable products will be easily decomposed into CO2, water and organic humus within six months to a year, under natural landfilling or industrial composting conditions, creating no microplastics that affect human health and the living environment.


Customers experienced AnEco corn starch bags

The corn starch bag used in Earth Day Compostable Campaign was AnEco bag – the first biological 100% compostable product successfully made by a Vietnamese manufacturer, released at the end of 2015 by An Phat Holdings. Before being introduced into Vietnamese market in late of 2018, AnEco bag had been exported to many developed countries in the world such as Japan, Germany, France, USA,…

Phase I of EDC Campaign took place on 28 – 30 March 2019 as an event to support Earth Hour. During this period, 1.2 million plastic bags were reduced, 500 thousand of turns of users were directly experience these products, 2 million people were received the campaign information as well as actively embraced and shared it.

AnEco corn starch bags are used to serve customers in Saint Honore restaurant chain

Outstandingly, on 10 April 2019, the football star Quang Hai was officially become an environmental protection ambassador for the AnEco brand. His image is expected to inspire the young generation to gain awareness of and take practical action to protect the living environment.

Ms. Nguyen Le Hang, Deputy General Director of An Phat Holdings shared, “After Phase I’s successful implementation, there were many actively responses of consumers as well as retail chains, organizations. Especially, we could see positive changes in the community awareness about reducing plastic waste. This is the reason why we decided to scale up Phase II of Earth Day Compostable Campaign nationwide. Encouraging more partners to join the Campaign is an obvious showing the responsible participation of enterprises, organizations and Vietnamese community in reducing plastic waste in particular, and protecting the environment in general. We strongly believe that positive changes will be made in the society for a truly clean and green living environment. Moreover, An Phat Holdings is proud to support the government of Vietnam, enterprises and the community in actualizing these meaningful efforts.”